[Business] 4 Player Owned Store 19091 SMP9 [CLOSED]

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  1. New Shop Opening at 19091!
    So recently PlayTehMinecraft has opened up a Shop Plot and she invited three more people to open up shops on the plot so now we got a 4 shop in 1 plot thingy going on. ANYWAYS currently the shop is still in progress but its coming along nicely shop status are as follows.

    Building Blocks (SouthPark347): Sill in Progress, Stocked Stone and Mossy Cobblestone, Clay
    Minerals (DarkRanic): Iron, Coal, Are in Stock! Diamonds And Gold Soon to Come
    Wood/ Wool (PlayTehMinecraft): Wood are fully stocked. Wool section Still in Progress
    Enchanting (Darkangledav): All Finished :D

    So What are you waiting for? Come on down to SMP 9 and look around at our prices and wares :cool:
  2. Checked it out, looks pretty good. I'll probably rely on it for book enchants.
  3. Im hoping diamonds will be 50r-53r...you would get tons of business from me :)
  4. I can help with the gold
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  5. I sell stone/mossy cobble at 19091 :D

    Coming Soon:
    Soon Mossy Cobblestone
    Soon Lapis Blocks
    Soon Brick Blocks
    Soon Glass
    Soon Stairs (Types will vary)
    Possibly Glowstone (In discussion)
    Soon nether brick blocks
    Possibly Quartz Blocks (In discussion)
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  6. Bought like, 4k worth of books from your store. I was earlier buying unb III books for 1,800r, but you guys sell them for 1,200r, so I definitely think this place is worth it.
  7. Will check it out ASAP
  8. I would recomend never changing prices unless you go cheaper ;) otherwise people get angry, happened with me :/
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  9. Morning bump
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  10. Or kindly explain why the change in price. Which is what I'd do. Sometimes prices do go up for various reasons. :) If there's a good reason, people aren't so miffed.
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  11. :) exactly
  12. I did explain, I said prices went up due to low stock and I couldn't keep up with the purchases, I deleted this post to clean up the thread, but the price has returned to its original price.

    read above^^
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  13. Bump :) lots of unbreak in and protection books in stock
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  14. I got me some protection books ;) i will get some unb later on
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