Burning things on my own res?

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  1. Hi,
    I was wondering how to go about burning things in my res. Although it makes sense that you won't get banned, I have heard of players being banned for this, and I don't want to be one of them. Advice? Thanks.
  2. I've never heard of people getting banned for griefing their own lots. I know several who have done it with tnt even.
  3. *cough*IcecreamCow*cough*
  4. You wont get in trouble if you burn your OWN res. After all, it is your res =]
  5. Haha, I remember someone had his house on fire to demolish it, and we're all ooing and ahhing, and along comes some poor kid who starts screaming about fires and starts putting it out. Now, Aikar shows up, and the first thing he sees is this poor kid who looks like he is burning down the res and the owner of the res saying 'stop' repeatedly. Aikar bans him, we told him the error of his ways, Aikar unbans him, and no harm was done. (I hope.)
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  6. One night they reset tags at 14141 and the roof caught fire because of the lit netherrack they had as part of a display. Someone was freaking out "SHOP IS ON FIRE!" and they accused someone else and that person had been standing there afk staring at the wall or something was like "What did I do?" They realized what it was afterwards :)
  7. Thats proof that you won't get banned XD

    Myself and TheOlburgen burnt down his wood mansion :) GKJ was there helping! And AusQB :D! And as GKF = ICC there won't be a prob :D
  8. OK, I've got an answer now, but keep the fire related stories coming! :D
  9. When I first started on EMC i had a funky little "apple tree" house. I decided I needed a fireplace and was all excited netherrack burned continuously. I built my fireplace only to have the whole back half of my house burned out seconds later.

    My sister did the same with a house we made she did fine other than the roof above the flames wasn't tall enough xD
  10. My 6 story shop has burnt down twice! I have finally decided to build it out of stone bricks. :)
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  11. I've burnt my smp2 house down at least 3 times. I had no idea about the firespread flag and my cobblestone generator was placed right next to my huge wooden building. So much rage.
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  12. When I was start buildings tree farm on smp5, one of lumberjackers was building or digging on the res and gave him two warnings. His reaction was to take all the nether, stone bricks and set fire all my birch trees down. In the end that player got a perm-ban.
  13. Sure it wasn't the drug factory? :p
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  14. Shh, you're going to break my cover boy ;)
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  15. I meant the RUG factory... Where you, uh, make rugs...
    Blame it on the autocorrect.