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  1. is it allowed to burn players in wild? or is that PVP?
  2. That's PVP, and carries a lovely permanent ban if caught doing so. :)
  3. ok :p i didnt burn anyone but someone said he would burn me D:
  4. If they try, don't forget to do your best to get a screenshot. :)
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  5. Shouldn't threatening people also conjure up some disciplinary action? You should probably get a screenshot of messages like that as well. I mean, one of the prohibited behaviors according to the Terms and Rules are
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  6. Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a threat is something that can likely be dealt with using the /report function and tracked down with chat logs. We prefer players contact us on the website via private convo if incidents involve screenshots, or if we may need to talk with the reporting player to get additional info. :)
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  7. I would like to add that if someone threatens you, abuses you or uses language you find offensive in a PM, please state in your report that it was via PM. i.e. /report Bob swearing in PM this will help us locate the offending message.
  8. When are you becoming mod? Seriously, you are made for it :p
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  9. IKR? he's really helpful
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  10. Aw, thanks guys. :)
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  11. On your second day, I made a bet with myself that you would become a moderator within the month. :/
  12. On his first day I found him strange with his topic about a new way of living. But now I find him one of the most awesome people on EMC :D
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