Burki's Builds

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  1. Why not share 'em

    Stadium build (WIP):

    Me and weeh are currently working on this daily so it should be finished soon. Still missing a roof, interior rooms and an outside but we're getting there.

    Useless giant redstone build (WIP):

    If you see me on stage, this is why :p Not gonna say what it does because I might make a video with it ;)

    Oversized rail splitter (finished):

    Was not away but ok

    A fairly simple circuit that I designed, I know it could be much smaller but I don't like copying from YT. This got installed at weeh's outpost but I covered up all the redstone so couldn't take pics from there.

    Some sorta mansion thing (WIP):

    Not much motivation to finish this so who knows how long it'll take

    Squid art:

    1256x256. Still a lot to do such as giving it the rest of the tentacles and filling in the background with white wool. Drawn by your favourite frog Moople.
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  2. Looking good :)
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