Burger Head??

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  1. Title Says It All:
    I'm Selling 15 Of These Heads

    Picture Link:

    Price Per Head: 10k
    Please Post Down Below Saying You Would Like To Buy
    One Of These. I Will Mail Once I Have Received Payment.

    NOTE: I Will Be Changing My Name Soon, These Will Heads Will Keep The Name, But Theses Will Be The Only 15 BeNub Heads Existence, Plus They Have A Burger Skin. Please Check The Link For Preview.

    Heads Sold: 9
  2. I will take one please!!
  3. I'll take 2, will pay next time I come on
  4. Will Mail When Payment Is Received.

    Will Look Out For Payment
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  5. Do I get a discount because I'm THAT charming? :D
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  6. Ill take one please :)
  7. :p Nice Try
  8. How about me??? :(
  9. Quoted the wrong post...
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  10. ill take one will pay when i get on tommorrow afternoon
  11. Paid for one
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  12. Also, i'll pay an extra 1K for your cubby loss...sorry my team beat you.

  13. Will mail all heads later tonight.
  14. I would like to buy a Burger Head
  15. Mailed


    Only 7 Heads Left!
  16. Can i get one?
  17. Click the link in the OP, and of course, the heads are 10k
  18. Bump, 6 heads left!