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  1. Well, I've been on the Empire since Independence Day 2014. (Gift to myself.) Yet I have not published what I needed to publish, an introduction thread! So anyway, my name is Ocelotawesome. Most people on EMC call me Ocelot. I don't feel comfortable with giving out my real name, so I'm not going to. I've started a thing called FreeRes at 16970 on SMP8. Now, in the FreeRes threads, I have seen some comments saying "Ocelot, there's risks" and stuff. I have a serious protection scheme at 16970, so please, don't post those comments and don't worry! My security guards can res ban rulebreakers, (not trying to play police like a 3-year-old) so watch out. I have 3 creations on FreeRes. So let's go back to my early history on Minecraft. I first started Pocket Edition when a kid told me you can fly and build and stuff. It costed $7, so my mom said I had to clean the living room, which ain't decent when you're a kid and it only costed $7. I finally got it, and had fun. Then I got Minecraft: Computer Edition. I started my singleplayer world. My singleplayer world was quite cool, I built a town and all. Not as big as the EMC town. (I don't build cities, y' know) So it was that for a couple of months, and then, I decided to try Multiplayer Minecraft. I started on 1 server, but that was un-user friendly and quite boring. Then I tried EMC. 3 words. Best. Server. Ever. So that's it. Hope you guys enjoyed! :)
  2. Welcome to the Empire and the forums Ocelot. Obviously you are enjoying your time here.
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  3. Welcome.. i guess ;)
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