[BULK WOOL] Little Paris - Bulk Wool Supply Co.

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  1. Hello People,
    Do you need Wool? Are you too lazy to fetch it yourself? Would you rather someone else do that for you? Well look no further, with "Little Paris - Bulk Wool Supply Co." you can get all your wool needs.
    Follow protocol and your wool is just one order away.
    Our pricing is based on how much work we put into getting the wool, this will affect cost of the wool color you choose.

    Tier 1: 70r/stack (Max Order 5 DCs)
    - White Wool
    Tier 2: 80r/stack (Max Order 3 DCs)
    - Red Wool
    - Yellow Wool
    - Orange Wool
    - Pink Wool
    - Green Wool
    - Magenta Wool
    - Brown Wool
    Tier 3: 90r/stack (Max Order 3 DCs)
    - Lime Green Wool
    Tier 4: 100r/stack (Max Order 1 DCs)
    - Black Wool
    - Grey Wool
    - Light Grey Wool
    - Blue Wool
    - Light Blue Wool
    - Cyan Wool
    - Purple Wool

    You may also mix and match your order any color (Max 18 Stacks per color), 2DC max order.

    Order tracker:
    - You may only order up to MAX in 1 of the Tiers
    - This supply company does not offer delivery.
    - All Pickup will be at 9132 on smp4
    - All Payment to 5karecboi (Please do not pay to SkareCboi as it will be very hard to track)
  2. I'll order some when I come back from my trip, going to make some pixel art o3o
  3. dang, i needed this like a week ago :/
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  4. 1 Stack of White
    1 Stack of Green
    1 Stack of Lime
  5. order ready for pickup, total 240r
    Pickup at 9132, pickup chest number 1.
    Payment to 5karecboi
  6. 1 DC of Lime Green Wool

  7. order ready for pickup, it was in stock so fast delivery. at 9132, smp4, total 4860r
  8. 2 DC of Lime Green Wool please. :)
  9. ready for pickup chest pickup 1 & 2.
    For for delay.