Bulk Supply?

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  1. Is a Bulk supply wanted by the community of EMC.

    I have alot of free time now and well I need to save for a project I find the best way to do that would be by selling materials but at a high price.

    Let me know if this is a thing or not.
  2. I believe it to be a great idea and I'm more then willing to partner if needed to help with stock
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  3. Long time no speak Equable. Yeah I would be interested. I need to know if there is demand.
  4. It may work. Although as with everything depending on high the price is key. I know of a couple of bulk shops already on a few smps that seem to do well. So take that as you will.
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  5. Honestly? I can never have enough Smooth- or Cobblestone, but since I already have a supplier that would be out of the question.
    I think it totally depends on the items you want to sell, if you can get your hands on lets say quartz for example I'm sure you will find a lot of customers.
    I'd say go to servers and ask the wealthier people directly. Can never go wrong with a little bit of research.
  6. Hmm we would have to look but we want to supply anything thats renewable.
  7. Supply and/or bulk stores are good to have and some have declined in EMC, just browse the EMC economy and study prices for a bit. Selling stuff high does not necessarily guarantee a profit and bulk shops sometimes tend to give a couple rupee discount for buying in bulk vs buying per unit, 16 or 32. So i would recommend checking the market and all, specially since the market for certain items change a lot (quartz in all its forms for ex.)
  8. Bump! Need more opinions.
  9. Even if you don't start a company PM me because I need a lot of materials and have a lot of money to spend...
  10. Hey Sam, Yeah no problem.
  11. Any more opinions?
  12. Bump ! Anyone else think this is a good idea? Also what you guys want me to collect e.g. Stone Brick or something more expensive like Quarts