Bulk Obsidian Service

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  1. With the recent high prices in obsidian (>200k/DC), I've decided to enter the obsidian business. Current production is about a DC per week. Orders will be processed on a first-come first-served basis unless you mention a specific urgent need.

    Price chart below:
    1 SC - 80k
    1 DC - 150k
    2 DC - 290k (145k each)
    3 DC - 435k (145k each)
    4 DC - 560k (140k each)
    5 DC + 140k/each

    In addition, there is a 5k/DC discount if paid upfront. This ends when Mineral Mincers are no longer sold in /shop. (Trying to get as many of those as I can.)

    To order, post below or send a PM with:
    User: (Your username)
    Number Of DCs: (0.5+)
    Paying Upfront? (Yes Or No)
    Price Per DC: (Based on price chart above).
    Total Price: (DCs x price per DC)
    Server: (server where access chest will be set up. ie SMP4)
    Send all payments to 'azoundria'.

    Current Orders:
    SteveClasher 1DC - Completed
    DeathTomb8953 2DC - Paid, 1/2 DC Ready So Far
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