Bulk Horses, For Those Who Need A Lot!

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  1. Hey guys! :)

    If any of you are interested in buying bulk horses for whatever reason, I almost always have a ton of 100-115 speed and a lot of 116-119 speed as well. Honestly, I have too many. Right now I have about 10 DC's of horses total and I need to get rid of them. So here are my prices, hit me up on SMP1 if interested. I also have a single sale horse shop on 914 if you just want to buy a couple horses. Speeds 124-128 might be out of stock, but keep checking back. People buy as soon as I stock lol.

    100-109 Speed
    1200r per DC (23r per horse, but bulk sale only)

    110-115 Speed
    1500r per DC (28r per horse, but bulk sale only)

    116-119 Speed
    1700r per DC (32r per horse, but bulk sale only)
  2. What happened to jump and health stats?
  3. All these extra horses are left over from my attempts to breed 120+ speed horses. These I'm just trying to get rid of since I have so many fail breeds per batch. xP

    So I don't really concentrate on jump or health. All are random.
  4. Update:

    I'm now also bulk selling 120-123 speed horses:

    120-123 speed
    4500r per DC (84r per egg)

    I have 2 DC's total of the 120-123 speeds, 3 DC's of the 116-119 speeds, 9 DC's of the 110-115 speeds, and 4 DC's of the 100-109 speeds.
  5. I,ll take a dc of 120-123
  6. I'll take 5 of your fastest horses
  7. could I buy a DC of 116-119 speed horses please 1700r
  8. nevermind, I bought them at your shop thanks!
  9. Xothis and Nathan, stop by 1117 and I'll put up access chests. Just send me the rupees through the rupee command. Unfortunately there is no automatic way to sell bulk horses so it all has to be manual. Xothis, it will be 1700r. Nathan, it will be 4500r.
  10. Sorry Nathan, I was on Smp4. I'm back on smp1 though and move is set to ready whenever you want to pay and pick up. :)
  11. Paid and took around 8:00PM
  12. Thanks I have paid and picked up :)
  13. NathanRP, did you get the whole double chest of horses? Cause the chest is almost completely full. The 1700r you paid was for the whole DC, so you can come back and get the rest.
  14. Nevermind Nathan, I got your order confused with xothis_dwarf's. xP
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  15. Can I buy a dc of 116-119 speed horses?
  16. Of course miner3808, I'm on smp2 leveling up right now but when I get back on smp1 I'll set up an access chest. It's 1700r.
  17. So when should I pay?
  18. Whenever. :) access chest is set up on 1117
  19. Thanks :)
    Will pay and pick them up now :)