Bukkit server help!

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  1. Hey guys I updated my bukkit server and the plugins:

    will not work. They are updated to latest. Whenever i type in a command (example /pex reload or /xauth activate *) it just gives me the help thing saying all the commands. please help!
  2. they may be conflicting
  3. Well it worked, but now whenever i type a command it gives me the help :(
    EDIT: The plugin doesn't do its function either.
    EDIT: Just got a java crash D:
  4. Plz help! D:
  5. Hey guys i got xauth and permissionsEX to work, but now when i start it i get this:
    and the plugins that cannot load are:
    - residence.jar
    - warpwiz.jar

    Please help?
    - I updated residence, it didnt help.
    - Idk what warpwiz came from...
  6. Solution: Don't bother making your own :p
  7. ... Me and my friends play on it, and it is being used to host the EMC survival games event and the EMC The walls event.
  8. Haha, weren't you banned though?
  9. So?
  10. I figured it would be hard to host an EMC event when you're banned, maybe not though :)
  11. Not really, I just host it for the survival games, where kman lavaman and fluffinator built the arena then people will log on and compete.
  12. If you need bukkit help why not post on their forums or a more related forum. I´m sure they would be more knowledgable than us at EMC.
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