Bukkit is shutting down

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  1. Also, this is said on one of the discussion threads:

    If you read these tweets in order
    I feel that Mojang are giving the green light to allow them to continue with bukkit.

    However, this debunks my idea slight
  2. 'tis a shame Mojang didn't just let it die. The majority of server owners use Spigot and Bukkit is of no interest to them, apart from being the place they get plugins from. I really would have liked to see Spigot succeed to the throne and lead the way, like Bukkit did with hMod in 2011.

    Dinnerbone and Mojang decided they wanted to keep it updated, though, and what's done is done. I see TheMogMiner seemed to enjoy people ranting at Jeb and responding to them, just as he's done from the moment he became part of their team.
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  3. I haven't seen that part. Isn't Grum the one everyone hates? He seems to like to stir up stuff. (EULA Drama started)
  4. Grum likes to stir up drama and stuff, Mog likes to swear and rant at people for no particular reason. He almost got fired on his first day there for telling people to go away (in a much...err...harsher way >.>) and then later put it down to him 'having a rough day' and 'being drunk', or something along those lines. His apology made very little sense, from what I can remember.
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