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  1. What Is It?

    MindIslands will be many islands in the sky that will serve as shops. Each island will be a different biome (e.g. Mesa Biome island or Ocean Island). MindIslands won't only be many islands in the sky but will also have some biomes on the surface and caves under the res. Each island will sell different items depending on the biome of that island, so a Mesa Biome will have hardened clay and red sand for sale while a redwood forest will have podzol and pine saplings/wood.

    Where Is It?

    MindIslands will be on SMP1 Res 539 and 540. It will be 2 res' so I can fit more islands in and add in a Nether and End section. It may expand in the future.

    Why Islands?

    Islands are unique, usually people would open up a giant mall or a shop and it can be hard to manage but individual islands can be somewhat easier to manage. Plus islands are awesome. :D

    Can I help/donate?

    Yes, some chests have been setup at 539 to sell different items, I will update the signs as time goes by. Item hoppers for donations are also setup. Rupee donations are always accepted and appreciated. :)

    Any deadline for completion?

    Currently, there is no deadline but expect it soon. :D




  2. This looks really cool :)
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  3. Thank you. :)
  4. Bump! Construction has begun.
  5. No offense, but I think that your project is a too incomplete to get much attention at the moment. Maybe you should upload a few more pictures when you've progressed more before bumping again.
  6. If i pay a certain amount of money can I co own this with you? I think it's a great idea
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  7. Sounds great! :)
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  8. Yes, I do not necessarily care for rupees and I am looking for people to run the islands (similair to Faith's shop managers). If you do want to run an island I will make an application once I get home. :)
  9. First island construction!

  10. How do you plan to fit this all into one res? It sounds like an awesome idea, but I dunno.. With islands that large.. Ehm.
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  11. My Good Samaria Award started with little preparation off an idea I had one night. I had 10k and and it developed into a huge and successful program. I think this will turn out well.
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  12. It will be 2 res'. 539 and 540. Plus the islands will be high in the sky and there will be other biomes on the surface and the Nether, End and Cave sections under the res.
  13. great because Im really interested in this :)
  14. I recommend making the islands from the bottom too to make them look more realistic
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