[Buisness] The Community Run Supply Company!

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  1. So this is the new Community Run Supply Company! I am slightly busy but i'll try to pitch in where I can!

    So I came up with this idea as apart of Operation Give Back, and it's basically a community ran supply company.

    People who are wanting to buy something can simply post below what they want and a seller / gatherer can fill there needs! It's an easy way to get materials, also to make some money as well!

    People who are also wanting to sell something can send me a PM (http://empireminecraft.com/conversations/add?to=MrWhosMagic) and I can put what you are selling at the bottom of this thread and buyers can get in contact with you or post below!

    I am trying to keep promotional / rares out of this thread as I don't feel it would do this thread any good lol, but yeah if there are anything you are worried about feel free to PM me (http://empireminecraft.com/conversations/add?to=MrWhosMagic)

    well enjoy!


    (No one :( PM me if you want to sell something! Keep checking back for more items for sale! http://empireminecraft.com/conversations/add?to=MrWhosMagic)
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  2. Very cool idea!
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  3. I need alot of DC's of Sand or Sandstone.
    Ill pay around 1800
  4. I love the idea of a community shop, a food bank could be included for those of us who like exploring but don't have the means or space to farm
  5. * I have a farm and a lot of food, just saying that because many res's i visited don't
  6. I should be able to get a DC of sandstone for you, give me a day amd ill see what i can do :p
  7. 8 Dcs of sand
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  8. Ill try to get on today to do Some business, ill set up 20 chest with access voor crafter and mrwhos, just say how many doublechests you have filled and ill pay When I get online again.

    I think ill setup the chests at 9178 at the PROMO section, so go to there.
    Im very sick so Some stuff is out of stock too
  9. Sandstone yes?
  10. Yes, and Sand ill set it up in two hours, gonne take Some sleep first
  11. Lil tip, you can use pm.emc.gs/MrWhosMagic instead of the long one XD
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  12. Selling signs are placed At the promo section