[Buisness] The Auto Zone

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  1. Hey guys havioxs here with my brand newish res Properly named The Auto Zone since its an auto farm and machine res. All the machines on my res will be available to be built for you for the set prices listed on the res or if you would prefer You can order bulk items from me.

    MEMBERSHIPS Cancled good thing no one had one xD

    Thanks for the time and screenshots will be coming soon.
  2. Is this the tread? xD I'm guessing so. I'd love to hear more about it, maybe get involved :)
  3. Sounds great stop by smp9 res number 19116 or /V +auto anytime everyones welcome :)
  4. Yayyy Screenshots :D
    Future sight of sugar cane farm

    Layout so far

    Auto Brewer

    Auto Farm

    Nether Wart Farm tower
  5. Bump Now added auto cow cooker/breeder
  6. Get in the Zone at Auto Zone...
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  7. i renamed the company redstone inc