[Buisness] Little Supply Service!

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  1. Hey guys, I am in desperate need of money hahah, so I want to start a little service, but instead of me setting the catalogue, I want to you comment below the block you want, the amount and what res you want me to drop it of at, also I need you put a price below it as well, I will either accept, decline, or just ask if you can pay a bit more if it is too low :)

    Thanks guys!

    just please don't go crazy haha

    I also take Promo Items for things ;)
  2. How much stone could you do for a 2013 EMC New Years Firework and a Haunted Head?
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  3. Netherbrick - 10 DC - 30k
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  4. Hmmm not really good with Stone prices :p But I could do maybe 10DC?
  5. Deal. I will set up access chests at 3940 and the promos will be in one of the chests.
  6. Okay thanks :) Will go onto it right away
  7. It's a scavenger hunt! Hire someone and make them have to find their own paycheck!
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  8. :)