[Buisness] Fox Repair Company

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  1. Do you have some tools you really love but are almost broken and you don't want to go out and grind xp, just PM me a request for your tools to be fixed and I will go out and get all the xp needed to repair your item and deliver it to you! PM me with what you would like fixed, as this is a new company, all prices will be negotiated to get you the best deal! If you have any questions, post on this thread down below and I will reply as soon as possible! However, as it does take lots of time to get lots of xp, it may take a while to get to your order, so first come, first serve!
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  2. Current Orders (I will take 5 max at a time)
  3. So far there have been 2 orders completed and I am not in progress of another, if anyone needs the repairs, I can get on it right away
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