[ BUISNESS ] Bulk Shop!

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Was your experience w/ my bulk shop good?

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  1. Hello.
    Im opening a bulk shop now, on forums only, and heres the items I have atm {All come in DC quantity } :
    1 DC Prismarine Shards- 4k
    1 DC of orange St.Clay- Offer
    2DC of heads- Offer per DC
    2 DC of stone- 2k per DC
    1 DC of splash healing II- 5k for DC
    1 DC of netherrack-4k for DC

    Working on:
    DC of cactus'
    DC of Sea Lamps
    DC of fish
    DC of cooked rabbit

    So fill out this order form to buy the items :)
    -Ship to or pick up
    -item's' ( if ur buying more than 1 list that )
    -total ( negotiate price and Ill respond )