[Buisness] AJMGames's Item diggin/mining industry

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  1. I will dig or mine eany unwanted areas you designate, from dirt to obsidian i will mine it.
    How you pay, 1 give a simple description of the area what is there and how big it is
    2 i will assign a price to the area
    example (Large, dirt only) = 14r
    Example 2 (small, Obsidian & dirt) = 36r
    example 3 (large, Obsidian stone & dirt) = 142r

    If you arent satifyed you get you'r money back garentee

    you can fire me on the spot too
    Cost more on all servers but smp7 (Cost 4x as much on utopia)
  2. How much for you to mine out one residence of Obsidian? This would be 60 x 60 blocks.

    I assume I also get the blocks you mine?