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  1. AbstractToast9 Construction (On SMP9)
    We work on any server!

    What do we do?

    AbstractToast9 construction does almost anything. I have built pools, patios, garages, houses, shops, farms, horse stables, and chest rooms. I specialize in redstone projects, automatic farms, and dirt removal. On my res I have an automatic wheat, sugarcane, and pumpkin farm. I also have an automatic egg generator.

    What about materials?
    Typically the customer will supply materials by giving me access to a chest. However, if you cannot supply materials I keep a stock of wood, stone, popular building blocks, and some other materials in my shop. I can supply these, with an additional charge.

    How does it work?
    Please message me on here, or in-game with a description of what you want done. Then I will check out your res and reply with a quote. Typically I only work for rupees, or trade. Once we both agree to the job, you will pay/ trade me half of the agreed amount and set up build flags.

    What are the rules?
    -The customer cannot change the build plans in the middle of the build, if it would involve taking the structure down or moving it.
    -If the build at any point is destroyed I reserve the right to stop without refund until it is rebuilt.
    -Please do not bother me when I'm building. (I.e. Getting in my way, asking questions)
    -I will not steal, loot, or grief, simply because it would ruin my reputation and it isn't hard to figure out who did it.

    Where is your company located?
    It is currently based out of my personal res, but I'm attempting to get another res for my company so I can have a warehouse with even more materials!

    Can I work for you?
    Please message me on here. I will consider any and all requests. Use this form:
    Player name
    Res # or #'s
    Builds you've done
    How much do you play
    Can you be trusted
    Have you been reported
    Why should I hire you

    Ok, so now I want to hire you, but how?
    Well, first off, Thank you so much for choosing AbstractToast9 Construction. We appreciate your business. Please use this form to apply for a job:

    Your res address
    Type of building
    Description of job
    What you think is a fair price
    What materials are needed, if any
    Anything else I should know