[Building] Villager Trading Stations

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  1. Cost - 300r + stack and 8 of material you want it to be made out of
    Holds 6 villagers
    Room to label what each villager is selling
    Post below if you would like one built!
  2. What begins with B and ends with ump
  3. After only 20 minutes?

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  4. BUMP! And can you post screens of what it would look like?
  5. I wanted it to be on the side bar on the side of the homepage.
    On my brother's mac not sure. Let me figure it out!
  6. So for 300r you'd set me up so that I could trade for glowstone?
  7. I actually use it mostly for glowstone and enchants! (Notice the amount of priest villagers I have.

    It gives you the ability to place the villagers and make it so if you can't trade right now and want to keep them than you can still have them with out the fear of someone using them.

  8. do you have one set up that i could go look at? are the villagers included? if not how much more would it cost to add?
  9. Yeah come to 1577 on smp1 and with the villagers an extra 60r
  10. I'm still not 100% clear on this. but i'll buy for my Utopia lot 5210. With villagers.
  11. I found an exploit to this however. You can just break the glass and right click the villagers real quick ;p
  12. Just make it double glass, or triple, its really simple.
  13. Or just making a huge room with your villagers with a door in front works too :p No need for all this fancy piston stuff.
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  14. I am not asking for your opinion here. If you are going to post negatively about what I am doing I am going to please ask you to leave this thread. I will only say this nice once.
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  15. Interesting idea, now that I see the pictures. :)
  16. I bought one. He did a great job. I'm happy with the rupees spent. It's a bargin and a time saver for me.
  17. Maybe some people would like to post some constructive criticism, to maybe make your design better, unless that person is directly says "That stinks" please don't take it so harshly.
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  18. Very interesting idea... I may buy one within the near future.
  19. Well he is saying basically don't get his product as it is useless in my mind.