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Would you ever consider using this service in the future?

yes 8 vote(s) 72.7%
no 3 vote(s) 27.3%
  1. Hi guys, as I know a lot of people love building and are great at it, however some do not enjoy it, this is why I'm making a little buisness for those who want a grand house with only little effort. If you would like me to build you must post a reply to this thread with the type of house / building you would like, (please remember that you must provide the materials for the build you want!!!) 2013-09-26_16.31.57.png
  2. i would like a huge building that is like 2 stories high and each story is 3 blocks (bottom block to top block). im kinda low on funds but have plenty of supplies
  3. what price ranges are for what type builds? ~FDNY21
  4. Okay, why server do you play? I'll hop right on over!
  5. Well it depends on the size and style of the build, for example if you want something which is more complex it will cost more, obviously thats the advantage of having you supply me with the materials :)
  6. Thats a problem when I am down on materials..:/ ~FDNY21
  7. Well if you wan't something built by me your gonna have to get the materials and prepare the rupees I'm afraid, thats the downfall of having a quality builder! :D
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  8. I would like a mega mall built for me
  9. i play on smp5