[Building Service] TechoFlage

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    By: TG enterprises
    Techoflage is basically a structure made of dirt, cobblestone, smooth stone, or any cheap block, which is then brought to life with a tailored texturepack. TechoFlage can also take an existing building or structure and create a texturepack to tailor it to any needs. Entire buildings can be altered or changed completely. The versatility of this system lets the consumer completely design everything, and have it built in DAYS. TechoFlage is also perfect for people with changeable tastes, allowing them to change the look of their homes with the push of a button. Prices vary with complexity and sise of structures.

    Basic pack: 1500r to 10000r
    • 3 different textures possible
    • Texturepack not included
    • 500 block limit
    Enhanced pack: 10000r to 20000r

    • 5 different textures possible

    • texturepack included, good detail

    • 1000 block limit
    Advanced pack: 20000r and up

    • 7 different textures possible

    • Texturepack included, perfect detail

    • no block limit
    Building Transformations

    • 700r per texture
    • Default 16x16 textures
    • Custom blocks allowed. EX: custom roofing, etc
    To order a system, pm me ON-SITE
  2. So, if I am reading this correctly, you essentially build a structure out of a cheap block and then have a texture pack that makes it look as if built out of valuable/better materials right? But won't this only look this way to the one person using that texture pack? Seems like a very creative idea though :)
  3. almost exactly. if you are a supporter, in your enter message, you can put an adf.ly link to download different themes for your building, so everyone sees it differently or the same. whatever the consumer wants.