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  1. Hey Empire!
    Haven't been on the Forums lately; just had my Finals.

    Anyways, I just got a nice Utopia residence under my account, and I am hoping to start a public place where you can get free generator items, or buy them quickly.

    I need a few people good at building generators.
    If you have experience and want to earn up to 10000 rupees, then apply by replying below!

    Put the amount of days you've played EMC (found by doing /p on your residence) and your home server (I need that for stuff).

  2. 98Days and my home server is Smp7 But I am busy on smp1 with my new res
  3. Well if you are busy then don't apply for the job!
  4. I'm not really busy just I am more on Smp1 Than Smp7 lately because my mansion is on smp1 1794
  5. I'd like to apply.
    I've been on EMC for 1245 days.
    My home residence is on Smp1.
  6. Jay2a, you're in for the job! (Will PM you.)

    I will consider you, Brandtitus.
    No worries, I'm just taking some more time.
  7. What kinds of generators? I may be interested.
  8. I'll add you to a PM with my other builder.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.