Building Project. Yay...

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  1. Okay, so I'm planning on building a really long cave, after seeing Joshposhs, and how people wanted to help. Fill in the application below!

    Mining Skill
    Other Miscellaneous Crap:
    ^ Spelled it right!! WOOT!
  2. IGN:brado1p23
    Mining Skill: pretty good
    Tools:diamonds picks(some enchanted)
    Other Miscellaneous Crap:i have spent alot of time on emc
  3. Ummmm u gonna answer?
  4. Sorry, was at school, you're in, just bring an ample supply of wood. I will too.
  5. ign:wartrex13
    reason:like helping
    mining skil:advanced
    tools:what i get to use
    other miscellaneous crap:im trapped in a cave...(yes at this moment)
  6. I don't think I want you....

    BRANDOP, it's only me and you. I've decided.
  7. Uhh, brandop123 won't be able to mine with you...
  8. ./p brandop123
  9. Not in the game xD I assume then that he was banned
  10. Yeha, just found that out.
  11. So, anyone else?