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  1. Hello, I'm new here!

    From the Empire Guide

    Protected Spawn and Periodic Reset Areas

    Each protected spawn area has a periodic reset area that extends 150 blocks out from its borders. This area takes the most damage and therefore is reset periodically. So while you can mine and build in this area anything you place will be deleted at some point. The system will also not let you lock an item in this area. This area is outlined in yellow on the Live Map.
    How often does this yellow area get reset? I see some pretty big buildings there. Had I known, I would have not built my castle there
    Thanks :)
  2. I've only seen it reset once within the past six or so months, so you should be safe for now. :)
  3. It does not get reset that often. The Wastelands get reset every month or so.
  4. Just out of curiosity, why so close to spawn? I haven't seen your castle but I imagine it would be very vulnerable to griefing being so close to spawn, griefers are lazy, they don't like going out far to grief.
  5. We have not reset those areas for quite some time. I, jokingly of course, call it the POSSIBLE reset area.

    You should be fairly safe. But I suggest traveling a bit farther if you choose to build in obvious view. Personally, all of my wild bases in the frontier are underground. Remember, we catch most....but not ALL griefers.

    If you are curious about anything, CESAR, feel free to PM me (or any staff.) In game, or via the site. We are here to help!
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  6. Also, on a side note. Don't forget we have multiple chats:

    /ch r = residence chat (only people on your residence in town will see it)
    /ch t = town chat (anyone in town on the smp you are connected to will see it)
    /ch L = local chat (only players in your local area, wild/town or anywhere... Will see it)

    And of course, we allow groups. You'll have to refer to the forums for those guidelines though. They take a bit longer of an explanation! :)
  7. We actually do reset those areas. There isn't a scheduled amount of time we reset it. because it has to be manually done each time. so it is more *as needed*. It is definitely best to build outside of that though for anything permanent you wish to build.
  8. Will they still be reset because there are wastelands now?
  9. Probably every six months or something
  10. As Chicken-Ear mentioned, it is on an as needed basis. If there is a mass reset of any SMP, everyone will know.

    Chances are, if a player travels back to an area they built and it's looking like it needs a reset.... it'll be reset. So, if it looks terrible AROUND your area.... it's a good chance a reset is in the works :p
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  11. they get reset when needed if very unsightly, and or when they feel its been a while but normaly they only reset from 40-80 so that landscape is reset and not all the goodies you would mine for
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  12. Thank you for all the answers, it is very appreciated. I have moved my castle, because I want something more permanent.
    I am southeast of the wildlands spawn area, feel free to visit and rest for a while.