Building For You!

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  1. Building For You!

    This company is owned by Fellyboy and the advertising is done by Nfell2009

    These depend on what you want. How big, materials and other factors so please make a offer and then we will try to make a great price for both of us!

    We build loads brand new modern homes we currently build:

    Themed Hotels
    Stone/Cobble Generators/Toggleable Generators (Built by Nfell2009)

    Here is our biggest build! (Built in single player)
    2012-08-04_15.03.07.png 2012-08-04_15.03.39.png 2012-08-04_15.03.45.png 2012-08-04_15.03.54.png 2012-08-04_15.04.19.png 2012-08-04_15.04.11.png 2012-08-04_15.04.44.png 2012-08-04_15.04.50.png 2012-08-04_15.05.03.png 2012-08-04_15.05.17.png 2012-08-04_15.05.27.png 2012-08-04_15.05.37.png

    This build costs 7,500r or make a offer!

    We also supply EVERYTHING!
    Some materials such as glowstone will take longer to get and we supply this.
  2. House looks awesome on the outside! But the inside was kind of a disappointment when you first saw the outside. Maybe you should decorate it a bit more:)
  3. yeah it was made for fellyboy but can be changed to how ever you want
  4. Nice, I would have bought it but I'm already working on a project on my residence and I only have like 200 rupees xD
    Hope someone wants it though, looks awesome:)
  5. thanks from me and fellyboy! :D
  6. Orders:

    Currently 1 - Lardladshome

    Anyone else?
  7. Anymore orders?
  8. so no more orders :'(
  9. Remeber that there are no fixed prices so it perfect for anyone even new users with a tight budget as we want everyone to have a nice house and then this should really improve the town we are also multiserver so anyone can order just post on here!
  10. Important Message!

    Although there are listed builds, you can suggest anything and we will look into building it.

    The "Biggest Build House" And may be 7,500r but can be customised to be smaller and bigger for price ranges!

    ~ Thank You ~
    ~ Nfell2009 ~
  11. Maybe when I run out of build designs for my res..
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  12. Brand New!!

    Here at Builders For You, we thought what about "people who want wool?". So we thought how about we let people choose what wool they want in they're homes and shops, well anything! Just tell Fellyboy what wool colour you want and this will be sorted!

    ~ Thank You ~
    ~ Nfell2009 ~
  13. Our First Job!

    Being done very fast by our builder Fellyboy on res:
    8146 - Owner lardladshomer
    Some Pictures!

  14. WOW! If you light that place up it will be so freaking awesome!!!
  15. There is light on ground floor now
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  16. Do you make pixelart?? I need a big squid. Not just a picture, but a squid in 3D for my squid themed res.:)
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  17. yeah we could try that

    EDIT: res no. and server plz
  18. Res no. 14603 SMP7
  19. sure i will look into it or fellyboy will ;) his internet is messing up
  20. fellyboys computer has gone to be fixed so he wont be coming on for a while I MIGHT let him borrow mine depends ;)