[Building] Faithcaster and Eclipsys SMP1Museum

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  1. Hello EMC
    Eclipsys and I has started a new building project together, I've decided to give all your empirians daily updates!

    Day 1:
    Day 1 Recap:
    Today we have created the major part of the stand that the building is going to be located on; Eclipsys has a also set up a few marks for tomorrows work!
    Day 2:

    Day 2 Recap:
    Not a whole ton of building was done today, but I did spend 1,3 million rupees on promotion/rares. Also, the marks we made last night, has now been started, and the two (spoiler) front pillars have taken their shape in the front.
    Day 3:
    2014-08-02_00.24.07.png 2014-08-02_00.24.29.png 2014-08-02_00.24.40.png 2014-08-02_00.24.49.png
    Day 3 Recap:

    What a day.... Thanks to Eclipsys for working for around 8 hours straight.... Today we got the whole lobby finished, and set up the first floor on the museum. Not all details in the lobby has been made, yet it looks really damn good. The two front pillars has been finished (atleast to the first part of the museum).

    Day 4:
    2014-08-03_01.51.51_2.png 2014-08-03_01.51.34.png

    Day 4 Recap:

    Day 4, we started building early roday, got a bit of stuff done (mostly preaparing to build even higher, no so many indoor details) Eclipsys network spazzed out and we had to stop early. More tomorrow tho!
    Day 5:

    Day 5 Recap:

    Today Eclipsys had to go early, so I decided to step up and do some work. Got a lot of stuff done today, perhaps the opening of SMP1Museum isn't so far away in a galaxy far far away ;)`?
    Day 6:
    Day 6 Recap:
    Today Eclipsys had to go early (again) so i stepped up, and did some work. I got the main part of the building done, now working on the roof (which is 50 blocks high) so that aint something that goes by quick, hehe ;) I would like to say a huge thanks to canuckshockey, he helped me out with all the floor filling and some other stuff, he made the process a much lesser pain ;P Added final touches to the lobby with some floor lighting and general lamps/benches/leaves.
    Day 7:

    2014-08-06_04.24.08.png 2014-08-06_06.45.08.png
    Day 7 Recap:
    What should I even say.... Much Much Much progress.....
    Day 8:

    Day 8 Recap:
    #museumdone, launch event TBA.
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  2. Very Snazzy :D
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  3. Day 2 is up!
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  4. Yay, day 2!
  5. Cool, can't wait to see the completed project!
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  6. May want to edit ay 2 recap to Day 2 recap.
  7. Prepare for day 3 :p
  8. #stillfiliingdamnfloors :p
  9. #WorkAsFastAsICanSoThatYouCanFinishFaster!
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  10. What res # might somebody find this on? :p
  11. It's on /v 1011 @ SMP1 (move is down)
  12. day 5 is up ya all :D
  13. I can build relatively well, but not as organized as you, Faith!
    I try to get people to build with me, but it hasn't happened for me yet.:(
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  15. Beware! The clay attack approaches!
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  16. Faithcaster on steroids... geeezzz holy damn.
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  17. Where are the stairs!?!
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  18. day 6 be up.