[Building] Drmadfate's Head Generator

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about a building made by Drmadfate! He made a building, and it's really helpful! I've gotten stuff from it. Check down below to see his invention! (No pictures included).

    What is this building?
    Well, this was created by Drmadfate. It's a building that generates your head. It's most likely to be a lava machine, that kills you and then you get your head. You may have to kill yourself a few times. I've tried it, it works. Trust me.

    What does it give you?
    Well, this is a killing machine. You're supposed to kill yourself and it gives you your head. It's free access to everyone. You may have to kill yourself a few times though.

    Anything else?
    Well, yes. Drmadfate didn't really build this, someone else did. He just owns it. Although, he has modified it.

    Thanks for reading this! Make sure you check it out. Do /utopia! Then, go to the wild. I don't really know what wild though. Thanks Madfate! (Edit: Yes, this is in the wrong section. By mistake, I thought since of the place it was in, I should put it here. I reported the Thread and hopefully it'll be moved to the "Share your EMC Creations" Section).

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  2. Very... what is the word? Informative! Thanks for the heads up, pun obviously intended :D
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  3. You're welcome! Need any help, or wanna know more? Shot me or Drmadfate a PM! PM links: PM - HelloKittyRo, Next link: PM - Drmadfate!