Building Down Glitch

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  1. Not sure if this has been reported but it happens in the Wild and in Town. Sometimes when you're building down, you will get stuck in a glitch and can't move and it'll just keep repeating over and over again unless you spawn out. In Town it's not a big deal because you can always spawn out of it but if you're way out in the wild and you get stuck in this glitch then you gotta log out and back in to fix it. I know I'm not the only one who has experienced this.

    Can this be looked into?

    edit: actually it happens quite a bit when building down but it can also happen when mining straight forward and you end up having to just go around a certain block because it glitches too much
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  2. This is a minecraft bug, I don't think anybody can help untill minecraft fixes it in 1.4
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  3. i figured as much
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  4. I often see this when I build a pillar to stand on then remove it. I sometimes end up in mid-air bouncing up and down. I've found that if I start jumping and building below my feet, I can put a few blocks back then I slowly dig again, one block at a time to get down. I might have to do this a few times once I start. I've seen this most often in the Nether but have had it happen in Town recently.

    Last night I was digging out a level in my residence with an efficiency shovel. There was spot I couldn't walk through. Sometimes if I place a block in a spot like this then remove it, it fixes the problem. Last night it wouldn't and I just wanted to finish so I worked around the spot.

    I think it happens most often when I'm mining blocks quickly. It seems like one or more blocks are both there and not there at the same time. Possibly the minecraft client and server are in disagreement over the existence of a block.
  5. i've noticed this same problem as well, either tp back to your lots spawn point or log out, and log back in, sometimes when you log back in though, you just have to delete the block below you and you stop jumping.

    i've noticed this more when i delete blocks below me fast, like with an enchanted item it makes the lag happen more. its annoying, but there seems to be nothing to fix it.
  6. This is actually caused by your client thinking "they removed that block, time to make them fall" and the server going "oh no they didnt they are standing on one" and the end result is the client and server arguing until you either place a block there to make the server force-tell the client "hey stupid there's a block there already" or for you to relog in which case the client doesnt know where any blocks are and gets all that info fresh from the server.

    It's simply sloppy client-server coding on the part of the developers. They have to change how the server and client communicate on changed blocks in order to fix it.
  7. i found a way to make this not happen... you won't always be able to do this but if you jump at the same time as you're mining down then the glitch doesn't happen. this has saved me a lot of time. also, if you glitch you can place a block under you and that'll stop you from glitching, this will help if you're out in the wild somewhere.
  8. I hope this glitch doesn't get interpreted as use of illegal mods the way people are currently getting banned.
  9. it shouldn't, because the glitch only appears on your screen... everyone else sees you standing still on top of a block...