Building Convenience Shops

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  1. I'm presently building a network of shops on each SMP which should be fully stocked with items. These will be an alternative to /shop for core base commodities, utilities, and other high demand items, giving a consistent buy/sell price across the empire. At the moment, I've run out of rupees stocking them, and want to know if anyone would like to contribute any stock or rupees to help me get them set up.

    If you donate more than 500r or 1 full DC of items, I can feature your name, and more than 2k I will feature a link to your residence. I will also spend any money very carefully and wisely to build up stock levels. I expect it's going to take at least 500,000r/server to fully stock them with a decent level of inventory. This makes the total budget over 4.5 million rupees, which I obviously don't have on my own. :p Every bit helps!

    To donate rupees,
    1) Type /r pay azoundria <amount>
    2) Send me a PM with which server, what you want on your sign, and any residence you want linked.

    To donate items,
    1) Place the items in a location on your res in an access chest.
    2) Send me a PM with where the chest(s) is/are located (res number and location on res).

    I will take any items or junk you don't want and put it to use. I really appreciate your help!