Building at 6332 SMP 3

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  1. Hello, I have been building a building on my friends lot at 6332 on smp3. I will rent out one whole floor or 1/2 a floor. This building is fairly big and has alot of space for a shop or whatever you want to make. Who ever rents two floors will have the tower named after them.
    The pricing is as follows :
    2 weeks, 200r
    A life, 1000r
    There are a total of 7 floors. Two floors have a greater area and nice view.
    Those prices are:
    2 weeks, 350r
    A life, 1500r
    Please PM on the website
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  2. I may be interested.
  3. I would like to buy one of the larger floors for life.
  4. Ok I wont be on most of today since i have a tournament. I will try to get you both floors tomorrow or when i see you on.