Building Assistant

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  1. Call me if you need help with building in the wild or the city. Payment not required the servers I can do are smp3,smp4,smp5,smp6,smp8,smp9.
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  2. why not the others?
  3. Probably in the wild on 2 & 7
  4. Because that is the one i am far away really far away:):):):)
  5. :(, i am on smp2:(

    You could also do utopia town.
  6. I will be able to help you on SMP3... once i get back from the wild (i'm far out).
  7. Jack i would love to help you building stuff, I am mosly online at smp3 but if there is a big job and you need help just PM me ;)
  8. dales13 i am posting this so that if you need help with building i can help you if it is in town or wild how do you PM some one

  9. Ark_Warrior1 where are you on smp3 i can help you build if need it it is for free
  10. Jack just hit my avatar picture and start a conversation (that is a option on the screen than) ;)
  11. OK do you need help with building if it is in wild or city i can come to you if you need help.