building and pakcing compny

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  1. are you sick of your res. can you not be botherd to remake or pack your res for a small price (200 r) i will build anything or pack anything for 30 min's
    plese pm me if you want to pay me to do any sevise for you.
    terms' and condtions apply. (200 r per 30 min's)

    yay i sound plike a buisnessman :D
  2. Seriously dude?I don't like ripping people, but people are NOT going to apply if they will end up getting service as lazily typed as this.
  3. I dislike people like this he is problaly a little child and he is trying to scam people
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  4. never gonna hire someone doing lazy typing or not having a very good layout of the thread
  5. You missed SO many things!

    Sigh, let's not hate though. So what do you mean by pack Music?
  6. He means Move it to another res