Building a new mansion. Need materials

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  1. Hello empirers, i just came back to the EMC community and i want to build a new mansion. Since i'm too lazy to gather resources and my pocket is full i'm going to host an auction -> tell you what I'm looking for here, offer in Forum Convo are prefered.

    The materials

    • Spruce Wood: 400
    • White Stained Glass: 450
    • Oak Wood Slab: 700
    • Jungle Leaves: 64
    • Stonebricks: 200
    • Glowstone: 128
    • Glass: 128
    Best offers
    none yet

  2. I'm afraid this is an invalid posting for this forum. For reverse auction you must specify an end date (ex: 24 hours of last bid) and you must specify the starting bid (ex 50k). Interested bidders will try to bid lower prices. See the rules for more info.

    If you want the freedom to negotiate or pick the player on your own, try the other marketplace forum sections.

    Good luck.
  3. Oups. Sorry. Why there is no edit button?
  4. Because it's an auction. You can't edit auction posts.
  5. No problem, i'm gonna ask a mod to delete it
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  6. I will simply move it to products, business, and services. (Also I am changing the OP so it's not an auction.)
    EDIT: edit the OP as you need to =P
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  7. Best offer from Builds_With_46 at 7000r. Can anyone beat that?