Building a Giant secret project.

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  1. Hey everyone. im currently building a giant build at 2378. all donations will help alot and be noted when the project is finished. I hope people just come by and have a look too see whats happening before i block everything off to the public.
  2. Aint secret anymore :)
  3. It is in the fact that no-one knows what it is gonna be.. but it will be open to the public when its finished
  4. So now it is a ''no one knows what it is gonna be''? i thought it was a secret project :S
  5. well this is the definition of secret "Not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others" and as far as im aware no-one knows what the actual build is gonna be, hence secret.
  6. Damn it! I was gonna crack a joke saying something about that. Curse my timezone!
  7. ima helping!
  8. i knew you would make a comment like mine, so i did it before ya! Love being a europian :)
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  9. im aussie so im before both of you! HA!!!
  10. Lol i had first post ... so.... HA!
  11. I was first to look at this! HA!!!

  12. Also, why do you people keep posting about your secret projects.
  13. because its fun
  14. The best of luck to you
  15. thanks... seen the res yet?