Building a Computer! Need Help!

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  1. I am completely clueless when it comes to computer parts. I don't know what to buy, what to look for, what is compatible with what, etc. If you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. I am probably gonna make my budget $700-$800.
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  2. If you have no clue at all i recommend using a site that will build it for you
  3. Actually, I might use your pc design ted lol. I will have to see what other suggestions and help I get though
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  4. Biggest question: What is your experience level?
    Second biggest question: What do you need out of a computer?

    Does that budget include a monitor? The 700-800 seems very reasonable to get a higher-end computer.

    Last question, AMD or Intel?
    Personally I love AMD for fast performance, and insanely low-er prices. <--research this a ton, if you are 'lucky' perhaps Aikar may chime in on this...hehe.

    My build was based on windows 7 64-bit home, ($100)

    Processor ($180) 8-core 4GHz

    Motherboard ($100) AM3+ <-- a native am3+ is required to run the processor full speed for compatibility.

    RAM ($210) <-- can do 8GB (two 4GB sticks) if money is an issue for around half the $.

    SSHD ($100) <-- I really wouldnt change this, but if you must, WD caviar blue 500GB is around $45.

    Video card ($130) <-- this is completely up to you, research pending on what you need it to do, and what you will play. I am sure more have come out since my build. If you don't need something this beefy, 'average' video cards should be in the price range of around $80.

    Case – $60 <-- I just look for a normal type case, usually the cheaper the better in my eyes. I picked up a 'cougar' and an 'ultra' case, for around $35 each in store. +1 for free shipping.

    Power supply - $75 <-- Look for a 750 watter, this is an 850W modular, price is better after rebate.

    CD-ROM – $25 <-- any one really

    Then smaller stuff to NOT forget. Case fans, thermal grease, etc...

    This build was around $980, everything completely new.

    However, pending on if you have windows 64-bit already, knock $ off that cost.
    Dont need 16GB RAM? Knock the cost $100 off, and settle for 8GB.
    The computer with a Solid state hard drive is amazing, I wouldn't change that.

    So overall, $765, if you go 'lower' end on the other components you can swap out later.
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  5. If you want your PC to run Minecraft well, the CPU is the most important part. My PC has a 3.4 ghz quad-core and it was able to run Minecraft above 30 frames/second while processing about 1,000 entities.

    The GPU has an important role too, but it's much more dedicated to rendering frames than a CPU which is why it made the most significant difference on game performance for my PC.

    For RAM, I recommend at least 4 GB. You need to dedicate at least 2 GB of RAM for Minecraft if you want to set your render distance beyond 16 chunks which has been available since Minecraft 1.8. However, most servers set a limit for how many chucks one player can load which essentially caps your render distance. Although, I don't recommend that you try to set your render distance beyond the server's threshold unless you're trying to eliminate fog in the Nether or End. On EMC, the maximum render distance is 6 chucks.
    So, you might only use extremely high render distances in single player worlds.

    Anyway, this is great that you, Ark, and Ted are under the same as me by building new computers!!
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  6. The only things you really 'do' anymore for building a computer:
    1) Add CPU (thin layer of thermal paste) and heatsink to MOBO, add RAM.
    2) Secure MOBO, etc. into case.
    3) Add components, secure components, run power wiring to components.
    4) Wire the switches, external case USB, etc... (look at manual, see what wire goes where... easy as pie)
    5) Plug in external audio connector to MOBO.
    6) Power it up, set boot device to CD/DVD and install linux Windoze
    7) Install MC, add EMC to server list
    8) Play like a BOSS
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  7. There are 2 people ; Intel or AMD.
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  8. Just gonna take credit for that real quick.






    Thanks :)
  9. I had help from others to :p
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