Building a Brand New SMP4 Mega Hotel!

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  1. I, along with fellow EMC'ers fat_batman and Spontaneous101 are introducing a fairly new build (Started yesterday, July 21st) which we hope can become both a popular, and successful hotel. We are currently working out the basics of the ground and second floors, and we will be adding in much more detail as we move on.


    Here is the current outside view (Just the ground floor). As you can tell, it is very plain as of now, but is subject to change extremely soon. Windows, balconies, and all the likes will be added very soon! :)

    This hotel is going to provide many services to the public. Services include free enchantment tables, anvils, brewing stands, and so on. All of these services are free to the public to use, but other services will be available only to residents/members to our hotel! Features to be added include free farms, exclusive offers, and what we plan to be one of the best villager trading hubs on EMC! All of this is to be added over time, which I will keep this thread updated on the progress of the next levels of building.

    Back to the ground floor:

    Here is the current lobby, still very bare as we have just started, but details will be added soon to create an elegant hotel!


    Here we have the public lounge, a free library, a simple fountain, and a peaceful music section are here for the public enjoyment!


    Here, also on the ground floor, is our restaurant bar/grill! Big screen TVs and fun eating sections are here for any gathering you wish to have with fellow EMC'ers!

    Also on the ground floor will be a small gift shop and our public utility section (which is currently done, I just didn't deserve its own picture).

    Our current plan for the hotel is to build up multiple stories, and have each floor with its own unique Minecraft theme! This means that floor 3 might be a forest themed floor, while the fourth floor will be a nether themed floor and so on! This adds variety to deliver the perfect room for each residents interests!

    Right now, money is tight as we attempt to build the main frame of the building. All donations from the public would be greatly appreciated, and might even help to cut you a deal on a room in the future! The hotel is located on SMP4 residence 8826. Any donations help, but white wool and rupees are our main concerns right now! If you have donations, please give to myself, (Antecedency), fat_batman, or Spontaneous101! Thank you, and I will keep the thread updated with our progress. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!
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  2. The next section of our hotel, the second floor, is for the most part complete besides for a few minor details. We decided to create a villager trading hub on the second floor, and after several hours of egging villagers and spawning them we have created a very nice system. The system includes 38 villagers made for trading paper for emeralds, 38 villagers made to trade emeralds for EXP bottles, and 16 villagers ready to trade a book and emeralds for a variety of enchantment books!


    Here we have the basic overall view of the trading center. I'm not really sure what the center piece is, I just threw something together to add a little decoration to keep it from being so plain :).


    Here we have the 38 paper trading villagers.


    Here we have the 38 EXP bottle traders.


    And, the most important part of our center are our 16 enchant book trades. Of the 16 traders, 9 of them offer books at max level! These books are; Blast Protection IV, Infinity I, Flame I, Projectile Protection IV, Power V, Smite V, Feather Falling IV, Protection IV, and Aqua Affinity I. These villagers will be free to use for residents of our finished hotel only, so I hope that is a nice incentive for everyone to rent a room!

    Ill be back with info on the next finished project soon!
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  3. Im actually building a new hotel too :D
  4. I need as many books that I can get, do you have to pay to be a resident? or can you just put an acces everyone sign?
  5. Have to be a resident to use the books, but there will be cheap rooms along with the more expensive rooms, so it wont cost much to use for the books.
  6. Okay, the third floor of our hotel is now complete, except for a few small details again. The third floor is where we have started to add our "rooms" for rental. We decided to put a twist on the normal renting of a hotel, where you have a hallway with a ton of rooms on either side. We decided to create small biomes, and place houses that fit the standard criteria of these biomes. So our third floor is a forest biome, so for housing we created a shack (cheapest room), a small farmhouse (medium priced), and a log cabin (highest priced).


    Here we have the teleport spawn location when first coming into the forest.


    Here we have the farmhouse, which is partially blocked from view by trees. Just a small house with a wheat field.


    Here is "The Shack". Small, plain house, nothing really special.


    And here is "The Cabin". Nice riverfront property, with wild sugarcane growing, a well, and is the nicest house/room on the floor.

    Like I said, a few small details and what not to add, but I think we have a plan that is unique compared to every other EMC hotel (not sure if there are any others with biome floors or not). We are hard at work on this project, and if anyone would like to donate come to SMP4 and talk to myself, spontaneous101, or fat_batman. Any help is appreciated. Be back soon with more updates!
  7. SUGGESTION: Try putting the levers behind the lamps so it's facing the Fence Pole holding it up instead of sticking out the sides
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  8. I've Spent the last few hours working on the exterior of the building. I went through a lot of trial and error to find something that I thought looked good. Here it is:


    Here is a daytime view. I added the black wool pattern to give it a more 3d and textured look rather than just plain, flat white wool. Here is a nighttime view:


    I have a few more plans for the exterior, but if any of you have comments or ideas they are much appreciated and I will take every one into consideration!
  9. I'd like to rent whatever cheapest room you already have built lol, I just want to use the villagers :p

    If you rent me a room I'll pay a bit extra since it's not completely finished + you need donations.

    If you decide not to then I understand, and I'll drop you a small rupee donation tomorrow morning :)
  10. After taking roughly a week off of building because of builders block/boredom I've gone ahead and finished (mostly) the nether floor. I have a few things that I can't/haven't added to it yet. These things include decorations for the inside of the three rooms/houses (Netherrack Cave, Netherbrick Fort, and Quartz House). Also, I haven't added lava (which is coming soon), and I also have not been able to add fire, because I do not currently have the firespread flag so I have to wait until the res owner comes on :p. So, without further ado, here is the floor.


    Here is the view that you will have when you first teleport to the floor. Yes it is bare, because as I stated earlier I have not yet added lava and cannot currently add fire.


    Here is a section of the floor, which includes the nether themed floor's cheapest room, which is a simple cave carved into the netherrack, on the left.


    Here is the middle priced room, a simple netherbrick fort (of my own design, not designed after a true nether fort due to size limitations :p). Nether fort can also be customized to the renters request (although rooms/houses/whatever or not currently ready for rental).


    Here is the final room on this floor, and the most expensive. It is a quartz house, and although it isn't very grand, I plan on making a few small adjustments to make it more appealing to the eye lol.

    If anyone has some suggestions, please feel free to comment and I will take them all into account :) I'll keep working on the hotel, and already have plans for what the next few and final floors will be! Feel free to drop by res 8826 on SMP4, and maybe even make a donation to the project :) Donations can be made to myself, fat_batman, and/or spontaneous101, (dukenukhem is the res owner, but is just an alt of spont, so please don't bother making donations to him, because we might not find it lol). Be back soon!