Building 2D Wool Art

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  1. I have decided to make wool art for anyone who needs it, It has to be pixel art, and 2D. I will do it for absolutely free, as long as you supply the materials. It can be no bigger then half a residence. If you have any questions or you want a wool art sculpture, post here. :)
  2. I want u to make me one... half a res on utopia... so its like the size of 2 reses... ya...
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  3. Not half the res on utopia. Sorry. I will do 1/4 of a Utopia residence though.
  4. -_- so thats a regular res...
  5. Could you make a big tomato?
  6. Not really considering it's 2 d and utopia reses are 2 x asl long on one side than a normal res, he is saying he won't build anything bigger than 30 blocks wide
  7. he said he's do 1/4 of a utopia res. utopia is 4x the size of a res. res... so 60 blocks on utopia or 30 on an SMP
  8. Sure. Do you want it to have eyes or not?
  9. I WANT A GIANT GOLF CLUB ON UTOPIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!