Builders Wanted!!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nfell2009, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. Hi!

    Im want a load of people to help me build on my res 9140 i have a area for it! i will pay and the build is going to be big i dont mind loads of companies and giving flags just no chest/use you will need to supply EVERYTHING!

    SMP 4
    Res: 9140
    Owner: Nfell2009

    Please Post On Here If You Will Come! And Companies Please Use This Layout:

    Company Name:

    While I Want Users To Post:

    Your Name:
    Anyone That Will Help You:

    Thanks Nfell2009! :D
  2. are you paying the players that build?
  3. yeah
  4. anyone at all!!
  5. great chance to build with me!
  6. What is it you want built?
  7. a masive building so i can sell stuff so a shop :D but needs it to be modern
  8. your sig is hilarious
  9. thanks :D i made it! :p
  10. Next question, you posted that you want the said builders to supply all the materials, you might want to add to the op what materials you want said buiding to be made out of and what kind of budget you have for this build.

    This will help people in terms of knowing if they can accomodate. Your needs on this project.
  11. i have 24,000r and its mainly cobble, wood and glass some stone will be needed torchs and picks etc