Builders / Donations needed for the SMP8 Party Room!

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  1. So I had the bright Idea to build a giant party room on smp8 and i'm gonna need ALOT of wool and glass, also alot of builders. If you'd like to help then just ask me.
    If you've got too much of the stuff that we need, or you just want to help out, we'd be happy to let you donate. You can donate money, wool and glass right now. More things might be added if we need them.

    Donate at : 17046 / Chewsy4's 4th Residence on Smp8
    If you don't have the things to donate, you can always help out by helping building it. PM me on the fourms for the extra details.
    In the future I might hire people to do it, but not right now :p
    This is how much we've done so far, I'll be updating every once in a while.

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  2. #inscreenshot xD
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