Builders Block!?!

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  1. So i'm in the middle of a terrible conundrum as of late. I have plenty of ideas of what to build, and i have the means to get the materials for all of them, I just don't know what to build. I place down dirt to start out a schematic or place down a test idea, and suddenly i go; No, this isn't good, I can't keep going with this, it doesn't look right.

    So here's what I need from you guys, the Empire community.

    I want you guys to post ideas, be it for full structures, for small rooms, walls, basements, shops, farms, etc. Anything!

    Whatever I build will be in smp1, and since im only gold right now I've got access to two res's, but whatever I decide to build, or ever add onto, I'll place a sign either on the edge of the res, or somewhere in like a "trophy room" of the names of the designs or ideas I used.

    Thank You :3
  2. Well. Why don't you list the ideas you have for us? Then maybe we could decide.
  3. this happens to me on a daily basis. its the reason why i dont play vanilla, i play tekkit/FTB