Builders Away!

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  1. Hello people of Empire Minecraft on SMP1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and we must not forget utopia!

    Ever have a hard time building? No problemo! I can do it for you. All you have to do is PM me (if you do not know how, helpman will tell us
    ) and PM me! You will also have to build the first layer of your building, and I will build it up as high as you want me to.

    Prices are in town: for me to place 64 blocks, I will charge you 18r. So, for example, if you want me to build you a building with 6,400 blocks, you will be charged 115,200r. However, you must provide these blocks. If not, I will also charge you the cost of the blocks. If you, however, want me to build a building, but you do not have enough money to pay me, I am unfortunately not willing to do an IOU. Certain consequences will be charged against you if so.

    Prices are in the Frontier: In the frontier, I will charge 64r for 128 blocks. I know this is quite expensive, but many things will happen. If blocks a damaged by Creepers, this will not be counted towards the price.

    Questions? Feel free to comment below. If you think the price is unreasonable, then I will have it changed. If this is an illegal company, I will delete it.