Builder needed for cactus farm!

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  1. I am building a cactus farm on my second utopia residence. I want to build 10 layers of the cactus farm, but I just don't have enough time to build it.

    I am looking for a trustworthy builder that would be willing to take time out of their day to build my cactus farm (I may give you access to it afterwards). I will provide all tools and materials needed to complete this farm. Keep in mind that this is on utopia so you will have fly if you do contribute to this.

    The cactus farm looks like this:

    Each layer looks like this:

    And each cactus part looks like this (I put an example of it on top as well to show the stack):
    The part that is breaking the cactus is an open fence gate.

    I am paying 15k per layer (Thats a max of 135k for all layers) and 5k per wall of stained glass.
  2. I will do it
  3. I would be willing to help. When does work start? :)