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  1. Maze

    Hello fellow Empire Players, I am in need of a 30*30
    Maze with approximately 5 floors. The Maze has to be
    modern/contemporary, I will share some design ideas to
    the builder. I can pay any sum which is needed. The bottom
    line is I need a hard, Very hard maze built. Start a conversation
    with SirTah and we can go from there :) Thank you for your time.

  2. Reserved.
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  3. I might be interested, although I don't come cheap.
    Would you be providing materials you want it made from?
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  4. If you want I can show you through my maze on smo3 as soon as I get home? 20 minutes ish. It's a 60*60 double layer maze designed by myself :)
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  5. I'll try my best to supply but I'll pay a fee for supplying too :)
  6. Thanks for the offer but I am busy. Pm Me later
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  7. If you need something to design the maze, I am currently using this. It adds rooms, stairs (if you want to make your design multi-floor, lets you choose the style of maze and frequency of rooms and dead-ends. You can change the size and shape (rectangle, square, box, circle). It's not intended for Minecraft, but works perfectly well with it. A down side is that it only has 1-block thin walls.
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