Builder!!! Im a Skilled Builder for Hire!!

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  1. my gt is Juke7 and i am a skilled minecraft builder im looking for some to build for or build projects big or small ( i have snapshots of my builds if you need to see them). I mostly build and work for fun and just the joy of helping other people out but i will require very very little pay just becuz im saving up for materials for my own build project so if you would like to donate and or help me build it just message me Id be glad to accept you! I will be very negotiable and fun to work with! I hope you choose me for your next build project! but until then ill be here! , sincerely Juke7 from smp4:)
  2. this is one of my builds i have a couple of other but this is one of my favorites : beach house.jpg
  3. Can you add a few extra floors to my hotel at 2303?
  4. Sure thing Buddy!