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  1. I am looking to hire someone who can build a dragon out of blocks.
    It will probably be out of netherbrick and quartz.
    The builder should talk to me first, of course, but to give you an idea, I want it lying down in a pile of gold blocks with its tail coiled back across its length as in these pictures:

    Just random stuff off google images. I'll probably want the whole thing near 30 blocks left to right.
    Just post here, message me, or find me in game to show me what you can do.
  2. Hmm the hobbit dragon... that's an interesting build.
  3. I still need someone for this.
  4. I will probably pay whatever you want...
  5. I'll try something for you on singleplayer. Besides 30 length, any other dimension requirements?
  6. I'm not even dead set on the number, just trying to give some idea the size I want it. I want it to fit in a cave that fits in a res width and legth-wise without being too much over 20 blocks tall.
    The space between its tail and body should be relatively flat and deep enough for a few displays with chests and item frames to fit.
    The dragon should be lying down, generally looking asleep except for potentially the eyes (if you can do eyes of fire or glass/light that would be sweet). I think I want the tail almost as long as the body, coiling back around. For whatever reason, I think I prefer it facing to the right, but I can "mirror" things with Schematica. I'm trying to keep an open mind, as I know the vision in my head might not be buildable with stairs and slabs.
    I was told it's best to use materials with stairs and slabs for the fine details (you can see a sort of 2d, tiny dragon at 2019), so I think I like a nether brick dragon with a quartz underbelly. If stairs and slabs aren't necessary (though I think they are) then I really like how coal blocks look like scales.
    The last offer I agreed to before the builder vanished into thin air was 7 ESCD's. I'm willing to negotiate price or pay rupees instead. Unfortunately I have to say payment will be based on whether or not I decide to use the dragon, but I will be using someone's dragon.

    I could also use a builder for the cave; I'm failing at that.
  7. Okay, I think I can work with that. I'll add the coal block spikes too, and I'll try maybe red stained glass with fire behind it for eyes. I'm okay if you're trying to make it like a natural cave, but we can talk about that later if you like the dragon.
  8. Sweet. :D
    Someone else said they might do the job, but they also said this morning. With all the mights, maybes, and no-shows the job is just sort of an open invitation to send me a dragon and get paid/get credit at /v 2345.

    I was thinking either a big dome-like stone cave or if I have to do it myself without artistic skills just a man-made dungeon-esque room.
    If you visit "/v 2345 L" you will see the sort of doorways I am using at my res. I was thinking a staircase down from the doorway to bedrock and a few blocks walk before reaching a pile of skulls/gold/gems. On top of the pile is the coiled up dragon, with maybe a staircase up the gold pile to the top. Between its tail and body, I plan on displaying all my promos, but some can be displayed around the base of the gold pile or wherever. I know I started all easygoing and now I sound picky, but the cave should also probably be tall enough to feel big and open, but still as small as can be since I need to fit like 15 smaller rooms underground in the same res.
  9. Ok; here is my dragon:
    Coordinates: (-1606, -50, 107) South a few blocks is another version of the same dragon at bedrock level.

    Now it needs a home. I'm thinking a cave under 30 blocks tall. I can flatten it's tail if need be.
  10. On it ;)
  11. Would you still like it to be a 32x40 area (I might have to do 40x40)?
  12. yeah whatever works. If the pile o gold winds up too big just cut off its tail and i'll make it a flat one.
    Thanks :D
  13. Sounds good, I will try to cap it off at 40x40, and the gold is mostly inside the curled area of the dragon, so that should be fine :)
  14. I tried to make an attempt on this.. I think.. something happened.

    something bad
  15. You just made my day.