[Build Team] Patriot Downs

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  1. Hey guys,
    I am looking for a team of builders that want to help me build a Colonial Styled Racetrack. I would rather have people that want to do it as a thing to express there building expertise but also gain experience in styles that i haven't seen done a lot before. This will be constructed at my utopian res (5265). Once the build is done i will host horse racing events weekly to earn a bit of r and then maybe host a big race every month. The Main blocks that will be sued are Bricks, Quartz and Stoe Brick.
    You can either pm me or just post in the comments if you want to help out. A picture o location where i can see your work to go along with your response will be helpful.
    Ice :)
  2. reserved for helpers
  3. I would talk to Eclipsys or byforeverthe2nd or AlexChance, some of the best builders I know. Jacob5089 is also a good builder.
  4. this si what we will build:
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  5. You did not just build that. No way.
    Where is the horsetrack
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  6. modeled after that, horse track would be in the back.
    y could i build that?
  7. It just... LOOks... Like.. AMAZING
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