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  1. Hey EMC,

    As i noted in another thread, I would make this thread to give players a general idea on my build Status and some other stuff....

    To start off, I have 2 reses fully Done,

    As these reses are done, I do small updates, like change aspects to the build, and do stuff such as chance the theme {Like 12731 "Winter Update"}.

    Although these are done, i have been working on my storage rooms, and more under those builds.

    I then have been working on clearing the old museum and my old 8 res project. The Museum has 2 reses left, and then i will continue to gather Mats for the build. I have hired Computrix to build it due to lack of time.

    I am then working on building my new 8 res project, and this will require lots of mats and a ton of time of bug testing before i can open to the public.

    When i finish the 8 res project, i will have a massive giveaway in the way of a treasure hunt, so there will be vouchers to the build to use on the machines, and lots of random items.

    I will also be doing the same thing on the Museum.

    As for the mall, that is been put on hold, and i may do a update on it in the future, but aim to finish it after i finish my other builds, and have more time.

    On top of all that, I am also working on updating my farms, and adding farms to my base in the wild, as well as farms under my mall.

    So as you can see, i have lots of work on my heads ingame........

    Now for real life, I am fully moved in and I have settled in my new house, but was unable to find a job as there are no open jobs around here when i was looking.

    I am also starting school on the 11th, and my timetable, is very busy as i have a full load (As many classes as i can get). I did this as i am trying to get the Gen Ed's and Comm's out of the way so when i go into the course i can just focus on the course.

    I am not sure of how much time i will have, but I have some hard classes, such as.....

    -Hardware and Virtualization
    -Work Environment Comm
    -Enterprise Technical Support
    -Ojibwe Language And Culture 1
    -Plants and People
    -Law in Everyday Life

    3 Gen Ed's, 1 Comm, and 2 classes from the 2nd Semester of my Program.

    I am also very busy with my Dr's and Counselors, so I also have that on my plate.

    So right now i am working on trying to do as much as i can on EMC, before i go back and i am fully busy.

    I am also afk a lot right lately as i do chores such as Clean the ashes out of our Pellet Stove or the Fireplace, and do the dishes, Bring more firewood in, make dinner, etc.

    If you need me at any time, feel fee to PM me on the site or add me on Skype.

    I am also on Mumble very often.

    If you send a PM on the site, i get a notice within 3 mins, no matter where i am, so if i am free, i will respond.

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  2. Finch... Please stop making me sad that my builds aren't finished lol
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  3. Heh, yeah, the museum project is a huge undertaking. (even more so when I have to build it on EMC after designing it). After this I'm done making museums for people. 2 is enough, and yours is basically 6 times the size of a normal one :)
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