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  1. Hey Everyone,

    I am pleased to announce that I am going to be releasing a building service. I'm not exactly a professional at making beautiful threads, but I'll attempt to show you what this service is all about.

    That link contains a basic overview of my building capabilities.

    Please note that these aren't final prices and can be negotiated.
    Small-- 50k
    Medium-- 100k
    Large-- 200k
    Giant-- 250k
    Massive (2 res')-- 200-400k depending on size
    Monumental (4 res' +)-- Price decided upon request
    The category is decided by me after it is complete: based on detail, height, and time.

    How to Order
    Send me a private message , including the following:
    Title: [Build Request] (USERNAME)
    Body: What you want built (try to include as much detail as you can; including style, inspiration, purpose, etc) and a timeline. Anything else you want to mention goes in this as well. A floor plan is very helpful for me to figure out exactly what you want.

    Thank you for reading :)
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  2. Amazing builds! I'll definitely order when I manage to get the rupees to. :)
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  3. What is small?
  4. Sweet. Sent you a pm ;).
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  5. Cant wait to see what he turns my mall into :D!
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  6. Why are you not a builder of a mini game server...Wonderful builds!
  7. Do you do landscaping?
  8. Yes, I just designed this fountain for someone on EMC https://i.imgur.com/1MvHbEh.png
    I'm actually a former member of a mini-games server BT, but I quit to join EMC, thank you! :)
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  9. Your dragon is missing feet!:eek: It all looks good though :)
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  10. was that 50k?
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  11. Galazeek could you see my offer please :)
  12. Exactly what i was thinking lol
  13. No, it was 20k. Like I said prices aren't final :)

    There were no feet in the inspiration picture :p It's like Chinese
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  14. This made me happy :p
  15. can you help with just a part of a build?
    like only the roof :p
  16. That is what I thought xD
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  17. Yes of course! PM me the info and I'll get started :)
  18. Would a utopia res be monumental, or would the price be dependent on how much space it takes up? Are these the prices for single player builds, or the price to have the build completed on EMC?

    I am extremely interested in your services :)
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  19. The price is completely dependent on how much space it takes up. The prices are for both :) Thank you!